The stunning landscape of the area, which rises steeply from sea level to over 3,000 ft, provides  the habitat for a range of flora and fauna including some of Scotland’s iconic species; golden eagle, red deer and salmon.

Other species of bird and mammal can be spotted on or close by the estate including white tailed sea eagles which now hunt the skies and water bodies of the west coast along with otters and badgers. You may also spot one of the tribes of feral goat which inhabit the area. The odd ptarmigan may also be seen in the locality. While walking in the summer months you may see some of the highland ponies and hill cattle grazing on the Estate.


The Estate hosts brown trout, sea trout and lampreys in its beautiful clear rivers, which can sometimes be seen in the mouth of a local heron! Ducks, geese, snipe and whooper swans frequent the rivers, loch and flood plain in the glen.

The Estate has planted some large areas of native woodlands which will hopefully help to re-create the habitat which would have originally been in the glen in days gone by. Look out for a whole host of other smaller species including some amphibians, plants and mosses.